Park House successfully hosted their second annual MUN conference, PHES MUN II on November 19th, 2016. From chairs to delegates, Press to Admin, many individuals were hard at work to ensure that the event ran smoothly. And thanks to their tremendous efforts, it did.

It all began with passionate delegates walking through the Main Foyer of Park House into the auditorium for the Opening Ceremony. Empowering speeches by Mr. Smith, journalist and documentary film maker Christina Paschyn, and the executives of Park House MUN were each followed by a thunder of applause. The conference was officially declared in session with Sandev Ferdinando hitting the gavel.

Lobbying in committees were described as very “lively” and “bustling with activity” as each delegate interacted with others in an informal way, which demonstrated that they felt comfortable in the atmosphere that PHES MUN II provided.

The Ambassadors’ Conference also ran with extreme serenity, as handled by the PHES MUN Press team and Laura Kyle from Al Jazeera. Each ambassador was well prepared, while providing the press team with carefully thought of answers to their onerous questions.

The debates were something not to be missed. Initially nervous at first, but soon after confidence piled up as delegates were eager to speak for the country they were representing. Though the debates seemed to be very buoyant, voting in committees was absolutely silent, so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

By 1:00 p.m., everyone was starving. Hunger needs were exquisitely satisfied with a buffet ranging from mushroom and chicken pies to spinach and cheese tarts catered by The Radisson Doha. To top lunch off, The Radisson also prepared French pastries as a dessert for everyone present at PHES MUN II.

After lunch, Pakistani director and North Western University in Qatar graduate, Shahnawaz Zali gave a filmmaking workshop sharing storytelling techniques with the Press team. The Press team was also given an exclusive screening of his extraordinary, Oscar-nominated film, Sau Qadam (100 Steps).

The closing ceremony began with speeches by Mr. Mark Pilling, director of PHES MUN, and Sandev Ferdinando, Secretary General of PHES MUN. Mentors of each school present were awarded for their efforts, commitment, and contribution in making PHES MUN II a success. Certificates were also given to “the best delegate” in each committee, followed by “the best admin” award, and concluded with “the best Press team member” award. PHES MUN II concluded with Sandev Ferdinando hitting the gavel once again.

All thanks to everyone present at PHES MUN II, the conference was filed as a prodigious success. PHES MUN II opened vast leadership opportunities for everyone present. After evaluating how successfully PHES MUN II ran, there is a great possibility that Park House will host their third annual MUN conference next fall. Stay tuned for any news on PHES MUN III!

Nafilah Khan